Top 5 Sports People you wouldn’t want to be right now

In sports you can either be a hero or the goat, common sense that the guys that are somewhere in between may last the longest, but then again, nobody remembers those guys, and isn’t being remembered all that matters? Some would argue it’s what you’re remembered for, I would argue, who gives a shit, you’re a professional athlete! Live it up! Many of them do, and many people idolize these stars, but here’s a change from the norm, here’s 5 sports people you wouldn’t want to be right now!

1. Brooks Conrad
In his best Chuck Knaublauch impression, Brooks Conrad had a complete and total meltdown in the field for the Atlanta Braves in Game 3 of the NLDS. Brooks has been shaky all series at second base and in Game 3 he was exposed. Brooks made 3 errors in the game that cost the Braves the game. The most damning of his errors came in the 9th inning in which he pulled a Bill Buckner and let a routine ground ball skirt through his legs to allow the Giants to take the lead and win the game. It’s funny how in baseball, the one guy in the field who is struggling and the one guy in the field who is hoping the ball won’t be hit to him is exactly where that ball is going.

2. Robbie Alomar
I don’t know what’s going on with second basemen lately…And I never thought one of the greatest second basemen in the history of the game would be on this list…But when you have HIV and you’re accused of purposely giving to two women by insisting on having unprotected sex knowing full well…For some reason I’m remembering that McCain Fruit Punch commercial Alomar did back when he was a superstar before he started spitting on umpires and forcing HIV on girls…”Catch the taste”..that has a whole new meaning right now.

3. Shane Hmiel
It would be one hell of a thrill to be a highly paid racecar driver like Shane Hmiel. Unfortunately, he’s someone you wouldn’t want to be right now. Tragically, Hmiel, according to race officials, flipped his car in two turns before hitting the roll cage into a wall. Hmiel is in real bad shape in an Indianapolis hospital, let’s hope he makes a full recovery.

4. Tony Romo
There are guys who would kill to be Tony Romo, but right now, he’s not exactly the QB you’d want to be. His super talented Dallas Cowboys are just 1-3 after losing to the Titans on home field in a game that they should have been prepared enough to win after a bye week. Romo through 3 picks and the Cowboys are starting to look like America’s whipping post instead of America’s team.

5. The Entire San Francisco 49ers team and coaching staff
At 0-5 there isn’t anything good going on in San Francisco right now. It may already be too late for Singletary to right this ship, can’t remember the last team that started 0-5 and made the playoffs. Let’s just say it’s likely a number of people on that team and coaching staff will be looking for new jobs very soon.