Happy Trails, Moss is a Viking

Everyone knew Randy Moss wasn’t happy in New England and everyone knew the exact reason why, no ifs, ands or buts, about it. So what did the Patriots do? Instead of doing the right thing and Paying The Man, they let him go. Randy Moss is now a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

I can understand how if a guy is unhappy, it might be more beneficial to get rid of him and keep the harmony and chemistry in the locker-room, but we’re talking about Randy Moss. I can even understand if a guy is taking plays off, and not running as hard as he should be, he has to go. But again, we’re talking about Randy Moss. Randy Moss is the best receiver in the NFL in my opinion, and he has been since he stepped foot in the NFL. Now the prodigal son has returned to the place and the team that made him famous.

Moss is exactly what the Vikings needed. He’s the go get it receiver that Favre has lacked all season long, and you have to think that with the addition of Moss the Vikings are right back on the contender radar.

As for the Patriots, you don’t ever want to discount Tom Brady or Belichek, but if you look at the Patriots offense, its definitely taken a big hit. As we speak defensive Coordinators are licking their chops at the prospect of facing the Patriots without a deep verticle threat like Randy Moss to worry about. I imagine defensive coordinators are burning their old playbook for defending the Patriots and eagerly writing a new scheme to defend against the short pass which has become Brady’s bread and butter. And whether Brady will admit it or not, he can’t be happy about this, he’s smart enough to know just how much Moss will be missed.

I think we all know what to expect now, you have a Hall of Fame receiver now playing for respect and a contract, with an over the hill QB trying to prove that he’s still can play, could be a recipe for greatness.

Just how much will this major NFL shakeup change the odds on both the Patriots and the Vikings?