This year’s Budapest Affiliate Conference will be OFF THE HOOK


There’s four letters in the English language that when placed together form a word that might just be the greatest word in the English language, that word is FREE. It was once said that the best things in life are Free, we now know that’s not entirely true, in fact that’s a lie. More correctly, some of the best things in life are Free, right now, the number one best thing in life on the FREE list should be The Budapest Affiliate Conference (BAC), for affiliates anyways.

Anyone and everyone who had the opportunity to attend last year’s inaugural event can attest to the Budapest Affiliate Conference being one of the most exciting and exhilarating conferences held in the year. And this year from 7-10 October, once again it’s on! It’s BAC to the banks of Danube River for one of the biggest events in the industry and in case you missed out last year, mulligan. If you miss out this time, shame on you, it’s Free! Here’s a little insider info on what to expect.

No hype, the main goal of this entire event is make sure that everyone in attendance has not just a good time, not just a great time, but the actual mandate of the iGB events team is to make sure that every single red blooded person that shows up to this event has an amazing time, they damn near guarantee it. And they’re pulling out all the stops to make sure this year’s BAC will be one for the ages. It won’t just be off the hook, it’ll be off the chains, on jump, bumping any other superlatives you can think of.

The Budapest Affiliate Conference will bring you:
– 1600 Expected delegates
– Over 100 Affiliate Programs
– 70% Affiliate attendees
– Conference sessions that will increase your revenue


And really, that’s just scratching the surface. If in your heart of hearts you have it that you’re a poker superstar, this is your chance to prove it and earn your bragging rights. The BAC will feature a poker tournament with a chance to win the prestigious ASOP bracelet, it’s the type of bling that says, “I rule” period. It’s great that the BAC offers the opportunity at the best four days of networking ever, but let’s keep it real, as industry pros, I know where our heads are at, what about the parties right? Well the iGB events team has outdone themselves this time. I can’t tell you everything without ruining the surprise, but I can tell you that as far as parties go, the Budapest Affiliate Conference is where amazing happens. We’re talking Jagger bombs galore, partying and drinking and carrying on with fun loving industry professionals in a stunning city, in kick ass venues, and at the end of the night…or the early morning, your wallet isn’t getting light because it’s FREE as a bird for affiliates. So I guess the real question is, How can you NOT afford to be there?

The Tablog team will be on point and on site to capture everyone at their best and hopefully their best worst, and we hope you’ll join us for four of the most fun four days of your natural life, well that is until the next event!