Key Injuries affecting NFL betting

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Sunday was a sad day in Philly, first the toast of the town, Michael Vick went down with a rib injury, and then Donovan McNabb lead the the divisional rival Redskins to victory on his former home field turf. Philly fans have many reasons to boo, they may have more reasons to boo hoo, because Kevin Kolb looked like Captain Checkdown and that offensive line looked vulnerable. It might be the case that Vick was actually hiding a lot of holes in that offensive line with his ability. Those holes might be exposed if he can’t make a return next in week 4. Also, that Philly defense has now moved into questionable, as they showed no ability to stop the run. Betting on Philly just got risky and with all the uncertainty, it will be interesting to see how sportsbooks adjust the lines. Add a rib injury to RB LeSean McCoy and that’s another skilled position player hurt for the Eagles as they limp into week 4.

The Redskins took a major blow when Clinton Portis went down with a groin injury. Though if you watched the game, you knew it was only a matter of time before he got hurt, he looked a little ginger from jump. Don’t expect a lot of slippage though, if there’s one thing the Shanahan’s do well, it’s run the ball with consistency.

Jay Cutler got sacked nine times against the Giants. Nine times! No QB in the NFL can take that many hits, and Cutler ended up with a concussion. You can’t blame it all on the Bears offensive line, Jay needs to get rid of the pigskin. But moving foreward, if Cutler can’t go next week, don’t expect the Bears to be putting major points on the board, and if it’s three and outs all day, that’s a lot of pressure on their defense. This is one 3-1 team that’s not nearly as good as their record indicates. In all honesty, they could be 3-3 without a fumble and they are really 3-2 because Detroit beat them, no matter what the zebras say.

As if bettors needed another reason not to bet on Carolina, now they’re best weapon Steve Smith is out with a high ankle sprain. It’ll be tough for anyone to want to bet on Carolina in week 4, they’re looking like the worst team in the NFL right now. Props might be the best way to get some value out of this game.


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