India scrambling to get hookers ready for Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth-Games-HookersAs if the organizers of the 2010 Commonwealth Games hadn’t had enough bad press regarding unfinished athlete accomodations and shoddy venue construction, a Pakistani newspaper is claiming that escort service managers are scrambling to ensure there is a sufficient number of hookers in New Delhi to serve the needs of all those incoming foreign visitors.

According to a ‘special report’ in Pakistan’s Daily Mail, New Delhi’s entire domestic roster of sex workers only amounts to half of the total needed to satisfy the expected demand. As a result, first division teams of hookers from Goa and Bangalore have been elevated to prostitution’s Premier Division. Even second division squads from Punjab and Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and the North East are being considered for promotion. (If things get really tough, perhaps they can train some of those larger monkeys that are acting as security guards to give hand jobs.)

Also ramping up for the Games are ‘international bookies’ from England, South Africa and beyond, whom the newspaper claims have ‘activated their local networks’ and are predicting anywhere from $9-12B US handle over the next 12 days. There’s no indication as to how the newspaper arrived at these figures, but considering it also identifies India as ‘the hub of global sports betting,’ perhaps their claim should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, given the traditional antipathy between Pakistan and India, perhaps the entire ‘special report’ is something of a giant cross-border ‘fuck you’. Well, it beats firing nukes at each other, I guess…