Bwin launch racebook

RVNNow before we get started with this one, we should make clear that this is a news item containing Bwin news, and not Pwin news. That’s Pwin, not Bwin…shit, it’s so easy to get confused by these guys!

Anyway, the Austrian based company have announced that they will be offering customers to chance to gamble on horse racing using their online sports book. Bwin have added a new section to their site alongside live betting and sport betting, you can now click through to a dedicated horse racing section. When in the section you can even be taught how to bet on horse racing using the bwin “Betting School,” experts at the course give you a percentage chance of each horse winning the race, and they even have a section explaining a mysterious betting system called “Pool Betting” which uses a tote system? Was news to me too, thankfully bwin explain it all in full though.

The section of the site is very easy to use for anyone looking to gamble on horses for the first time, and will let you gamble on horse racing in any country in the world that is hosting it.