Monty not a fan of Twitter

cmontgomerieGolf really couldn’t have hoped for a better year as far as stealing a part of the showbiz limelight goes. The members of Augusta may well have poured scorn on Tiger Woods’ exploits with any women who might happen to fall for his advances, but at least he wasn’t attempting to get any of them admitted to the club – now that would have really got them into muddle. On the eve of the Ryder Cup though, European captain Colin Montgomerie has done his best to live up to the dour Scot stereotype.

Monty has asked his players to refrain from tweeting during the Ryder Cup this weekend so as to not experience a Kevin Pietersen situation. Monty, who hasn’t even discovered the intricacies of a computer, let alone Twitter, does have notorious tweeter Ian Poulter on his team who had last night already delivered a tweet reading: “For the record Colin hasn’t banned twitter, he has asked to be respectful to the teams privacy. I played 7 holes today course is awesome.”

So here’s the plan Monty: as no-one (Ian Poulter) really seems to be taking a lot of notice of you, join Twitter yourself and deliver a few diatribes of your own. It will make it all a little more exciting.