Big changes in 49er country

Is this a hobby to you? My ass is on the line!

The San Francisco 49ers have been playing softer than much of the men who reside in the Bay area, if you don’t know, that’s terri cloth soft. Worse yet, the entire operation looks like they should be more aptly named as the DisneyLand 49ers. When you can’t get your plays to your QB on time, and you’re burning timouts faster than Jenna Jamison can get a virgin IT guy’s rocks off, then your operation is Mickey Mouse.

You can’t even evaluate QB Alex Smith’s play, because his offense line has more holes in it than swiss cheese. You can’t point the finger at him, not when he’s getting hit more times than Halle Barry when she was with David Justice. So who’s to blame? Is it Singletary and his defense? It’s not like they’re keeping teams from putting points on the board, they made Seattle and Kansas City look like Dan Marino and the 84′ Dolphins offense. So who is to blame?

We found out today who is taking the brunt of the blame when the 49ers fired Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye. Mike Johnson will move from the QB coach to fill the Offensive Coordinator spot. 49ers fans are hoping that he can get this team in gear. There was so much promise around this team heading into the training camp, 0-3 later, now heads are rolling. And while it’s uncommon for head coaches to catch the axe midseason, Singletary better be careful. He’s not exactly impressing anyone anymore. And all his tough talk, and tough love, well, you have to wonder if he’s lost the locker-room because that defense has no fire and the team looks flat. Singletary comes from a different time, when football players where hard men, who could be yelled at, called out in the media and they would respond. Now, there’s too many pre-madonna’s in the league who make more money than the head coach, it hard to imagine that lockeroom buying into a personality like Singletary’s. He better figure it out, and soon, because the 49ers at 0-3, still have decent shot at winning the West. In Chicago, a change of offensive coordinators to Mike Martz has that team looking like they can make run and Jay Cutler not looking like a bum. But then again, Mike Johnson, isn’t Mike Martz and Mike Johnson wasn’t the mastermind behind the greatest show on turf.

If Mike Johnson can get the 49ers offense in gear, we’re looking at a potentially high powered offense. They kept pace with last year’s Superbowl champs, and if not for the stupid turnovers and mismanagement, they might have won that game, so this team can put points on the board. The run game with Frank Gore is solid, and Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree are potential gamebreakers, at the very least you expect Johnson to come in with some wrinkles to jumpstart this offense, which may that sportsbooks will start adjusting their spreads. At the very least, look for the 49ers to play some inspired football and make a concentrated effort to put some points on the board next week. The question is, can their defense stop Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons who just took care of the New Orleans Saints in the Who Dat? They better or Mike Singletary may find a rather large bullseye on his back.