Roll up, roll up, and beat the prick

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nflThe NFL season has started off with the panache that we’d expect from one of the most exciting sports leagues in the world. We’ve had the Cowboys being…the Cowboys, suspensions, new rules being interpreted, and even Rex Ryan justifying his trash talking in the off season. Sports odds community,, has also been rewarding members of its forum for handicap betting on NFL football.

Now, over here in the UK, a contest entitled Weekly Beat The Prick Football Contest, would be deemed far from a success. The name, for starters, would offend all the members of the burgeoning PC brigade. Although when they hear that they’ve given away $24,000 in two weeks alone maybe they’d change their mind. It’s all about the moolah, after all.

Beat the Prick was launched in 2006, but this season it has exceeded expectations with nearly 1600 sports bettors taking up the challenge to beat the prick. The Prick makes his football pick each Tuesday night, and contestants are invited to make their picks on Wednesday or later, and anyone beating the Prick has a chance at winning the money.


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