Australia turns into Big Brother set

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big bro houseAs an outsider looking at Australia you’d be forgiven for thinking that the country has a massive escalating gambling problem which shows no signs of slowing, meaning all types of gambling must be banned or regulated to high-heaven – it’s as bad as child pornography remember, isn’t it Miss Gillard?

The latest to come out down under is that an advisory group is to be launched to investigate ways to limit expenditure by citizens on pokies. The current CEO of the Centre of Social Impact (CSI), Prof Peter Shergold, will lead the group which will hopefully speed up the process for reform of problem gambling. One of the principal plans is the implementation of pre-commitment technology on machines across the nation by 2014. This technology will include smart cards, and finger print technology to limit how much people can gamble in one day. In addition to this they will be taking control over all your bank accounts, and using new technology to control all brain functions.

It comes as a surprise as pokie revenue is a contributor to tax revenue and has been on the decline recently as people move into the online sector. Looking at it, if people want to gamble they’ll always find a way, however much you try to limit them from doing it.


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