The lock drops off Vick

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First he wasn’t going to start, then he was only going to start if Kevin Kolb was unable to go, and now, well, it’s been announced that Michael Vick has been named the Week 3 starter for the Philadelphia Eagles against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 3.

Obviously, either Kolb was unable to get to 100 percent, or reality set in to the Philadelphia Eagles that Michael Vick is back! It’s the latter. And he’s not just back, as in he’s playing well, but he’s moving like the Michael Vick that we all fell in love with. He’s running like the Michael Vick who was the most athletic QB ever to lace up a pair of the NFL gridiron.

Here’s the thing, the Eagles have maintained that Kolb won that starting position and that once he’s healthy, he’ll be named the starter. I guess that has all gone to shit, so much for loyalty, though the concept of loyalty is bogus in Philly. It took just one win under his belt and Vick was named the MAN. Here’s my question, what if he loses against Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend, can they really take him out? Won’t it officially be his team at that point? Sportsbooks what say you? We officially have QB controversy in Philadelphia, so what else is new? It’s always been said in sports that you can’t lose your starting spot due to injury, and yet again that myth has been proven wrong. Somewhere Tom Brady is smiling. I’m going to put this out there, I don’t think the Eagles were ever sold on Kolb as McNabb’s replacement. I think Michael Vick was always going to be the guy to eventually replace him, and I think McNabb knew it when he bounced to the Redskins. Philly wanted change, but I just don’t feel like it was ever going to be Kevin Kolb with Michael Vick playing backup. Isn’t that like dating Kloe Kardashian instead of Kim?

The other thing is how does this change the future odds for the Philadelphia Eagles? With vintage Michael Vick at the helm, that’s an extremely different team than they were with Kolb. From the early looks of it, they might be better, definitely more difficult to defend, does this change everything?


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