Cosmopolitan making Vegas the New Year’s Spot

If you can make it happen, I suggest you pull out all the stops and get your ass to Vegas for New Year’s Eve. Jay-Z and Coldplay plan to share the stage at the cosmopolitan in Vegas. You want to talk about opening up with a bang, well that’s exactly what the $3.9 billion resort owned by Deutsche Bank is doing. The Cosmopolitan opens up Decemeber 15, two weeks before it brings in two of the bigger names in the entertainment world.

I’ve seen Jay-Z in concert before and in one word, bananas. Haven’t seen Coldplay but I imagine they are equally as epic, and hey, when you’re as drunk and rowdy as I imagine most of us will be on New Year’s Eve, any show is damn near a good one, but with these two talents, it could be one of the best ever.

You already know that Vegas will be on jump for New Year’s Eve, it always is, Cosmopolitan says the concert is part of a three-day invitation-only celebration, something tells me you have to be exclusively, exclusive to get on that invite list. Fuck it. You can still be a part of the show, the Cosmopolitan officials said Monday that Hova and Coldplay would also play solo sets with the performances broadcast on the hotel’s 65-foot marquee overlooking the Las Vegas Strip…Where we should be, drunk, half naked and partying like a rockstar!