PartyPoker launch new product to hang on to customer base

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Party PokerPartyPoker haven’t been having the best of times over the past few months. First they took it upon themselves to sign up an Italian goalkeeper who’s almost as old as the Pope, Gianluigi Buffon, to promote their brand in Italy. After this it was announced that their revenues had dropped off by anything between 11% and 13% in quarter two of 2010. Meanwhile the Colonel put him on his hit-list for being drunk inside one of his Kentucky based eateries.

This all coming before the big announcement – their parent company, PartyGaming’s tie up with Bwin will mean the creation of a new company name – chosen in a poll of company directors to be Pwin. Not so much of a party anymore at PG HQ.

What have PartyPoker done to try and get out of this hole then? Gone on a lads knees up to Ibiza? No. Extreme sports holiday in the Scottish highlands? Try again.

Ok we’ll tell ya. They’ve launched Double Hold-Em poker in their website, meaning that you receive start a hand with three cards instead of the usual two.


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