Can Secretariat win one more for the industry?

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Could the movie Secretariat work to boost interest in the struggling
horse racing industry in the US? It’s a long shot, but then again,
that’s what they said about Secretariat!

The entire horse racing industry should be crossing their fingers that
the movie Secretariat kicks ass by more than just a few furlongs at the box office. Personally, strike one on it being a Disney movie, but I’ll wait to see it before I pass judgment.

The story of Secretariat is a magnificent one, we’re talking about one
of the most famous race horses of all time. In 1973 Secretariat became the first American Triple Crown winner in twenty five years, champion in twenty-five years, setting new race records in two of the three events. The Stallion galloped to greatness in legendary fashion at both the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont setting records that still stand to this very day.

It’s a great story, if it’s told right. The thing is, every horse racing
fan and every breeder and horse enthusiast is going to watch this flick. But those aren’t the people the horse racing industry is worried about. It’s the casual fan, the college student that already bets sports online, will these people go to watch this movie? In a perfect world, everybody goes and watches this movie and moved by the heroic and larger than life performances by Big Red horse racing once again become popular and people start filling up the racetracks. It’s a little too bad the movie will be released October 8, so late in the season.

Early reviews indicate the movie has great acting, great characters and that Secretariat looks magnificent on the big screen. I really think the horse racing industry should be trying to use this movie as a marketing tool, movies do have the power to sway the public in one direction or another especially if they are powerful enough. The story of Secretariat is one of triumph against the odds, it’s the hero tale, it’s everything people love to see in a theater, let’s hope it puts people back at the tracks.


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