creating 100 new jobs

Slots-100-New-JobsThe biggest name in online slots is creating at least 100 new jobs

Last week 888 announced cut backs of overheads to the tune of $6,000,000, PWin (sic) have confirmed similar figures of over €50,000,000 and that always means jobs will be lost.

At a time when the other major players are cutting back, is doing the exact opposite and need to fill 100 positions. What’s the catch? Working in Gibraltar, Alderney or the Isle of Man I suppose? Nope, London or Barcelona actually!, the second most powerful generic gaming domain, was bought at a online auction by for nearly £4,000,000. Bodog is, itself, the biggest brand in online gaming*. will operate as an independent company, coupled with its existing dominance – by virtue of its domain – and the drive of the new company personnel the brand plans to become the largest player in, not only, online slots but also casino too. Beyond the launch stage, the site will also look to host a full featured casino, including live dealer options.

Brand trust in this industry is vital and will be given the full brand treatment that has made Bodog a global giant in online gaming, but with a very different twist. The female market has proved to be a genuine growth area in recent years, yet only bingo brands have concentrated on creating sites dedicated to that market. will change that.

Added to which, we believe that is the best gaming domain in the world, after Bigger, even, than because there are no strong brands in this space and slots are far more universal than poker – just look at the amount of space a casino devotes to slots over poker – also it’s simple to spell and easy to remember.

During the launch phase the company is looking to recruit a minimum of 100 new employees in all areas of a gaming company from IT to Marketing and all points in between. Inevitably beyond that initial stage we will require more talent as the company grows.

When most companies are scaling back we feel this is an opportunity for experienced talent to grab the challenge of a well funded launch. If that’s you then email your CV to: [email protected]

Facts & Figures:
• Slots earn Worldwide more net win and gross revenue than any other casino game in the world
• 35,100,000 search results in Google for Keyword: “Slots” (Source: Search)
• 6,120,000 Google Global Monthly Searches for Keyword: “Slots” (Source: Google Adwords)
• Ripe for SEO efforts. With Current Page Rank of 3 new owner has room to drastically optimize SEO for gain in search traffic
• The largest sum of money paid for a domain in 2010 and one of the top 10 ever

* Independent research shows Bodog to be the biggest online gaming brand in the world according Google Alerts:

For further information please call:
Ed Pownall,’s International Press Office (London),
on +44 7825 064776

At, we can’t understand why people are frightened by new ideas – it’s the old ones that frighten us.

Created in 2005, the Bodog licensing enterprise is a branded venture capital and licensing organization headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, with business development offices in London, England. holds the global rights to license the Bodog brand across all sectors, with a mandate to partner with and/or license the brand to carefully selected licensees to accelerate partner growth, while simultaneously extending the Bodog brand into new and adjacent markets. Current licensees are involved in an array of products and services worldwide, including online gaming, music, and other entertainment properties. In 2010, the Bodog brand acquired the global gaming brand, which will provide additional licensing opportunities in many jurisdictions. represents a new way of thinking – one that allows entrepreneurs to control their own destinies and their teams to retain the innovation and passion that makes their businesses hum, but also lets them harness the momentum of a global brand to take their success to the next level. Every licensee that succeeds lifts the others, as the brand strength and recognition snowballs.

About Bodog Europe:
Bodog Europe is the exclusive licensee of the Bodog brand for use in Europe for online gaming. It licenses the brand from the, solely in respect of online gaming and solely within a defined European territory – it owns, in effect, the exclusive rights to use “Bodog” brand to market online gaming services within Europe (and Canada – see below).

In May, 2009, Bodog Europe also negotiated for and acquired the rights to the brand in the Canadian market (for online gaming), and launched a Canadian-localized site in August, 2009.

Bodog Europe currently operates and

Bodog Europe holds an Interactive Gaming License and an Interactive Wagering License, issued by the Directorate of Offshore Gaming of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda was designated and recognized by the UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport as a trusted, highly-regulated, “white listed” jurisdiction effective Nov. 3, 2008.

Under the terms of Bodog Europe’s brand license agreement with, Bodog Europe is not entitled to accept customers from any other brand licensee’s territory, and such customers will be redirected to the other brand licensees’ sites, as appropriate.

Bodog Europe actively blocks US players and does not have management, operations, or assets in the US.