Favre wishing he’d stayed in Mississippi?

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First his receiving core starts dropping like flies and now reports indicate that Favre’s ankle is just not up to snuff. Too late to click your cleats together and disappear back to Mississippi Brett.

Could anything else go wrong for Favre before the season starts? Not to mention, the schedule won’t be the party it was last year, this year the Vikings will be tested early with their opener against team that knocked them out, the Saints.

Too bad for Favre, the lights are on and he’s going to have to tough it out all season at the age of 41, taking injections into his ankle. It’s hard to feel sorry for the guy, I mean, what did he expect? He’s fucking forty playing in the cot-damn NFL! Read more.

I will say this, right now, Brett Favre is walking down that little traveled road of the silver bearded hero, he’s got a new fan base and it’s not males 18-24, it’s everyone 30 and over. It’s every has-been, every “used to be” and every men’s league and beer league cat that right now is looking at Brett Favre and saying, “You crazy bastard, I love you”.

Favre is the last warrior, making one last stand, and in the movies, usually that story ends with that warrior dying on the battlefield. That might be Favre’s fate, and you have to love him for it just like all the old- timers do. The young bucks can’t appreciate what Favre is doing out there, only people who have nagging aches and pains, old sports injuries, and have used Bengay can appreciate what Brett Favre is doing out there. It’s those same people that also think he’s bat shit crazy.

So, with Favre’s ankle already the shits before the season starts and the health of his receiving core questionable at best, and given the fact the Vikings play eight games against seven playoff teams from last year, does all of this make it likely the 11-1 odds given the Vikings to win the Superbowl may be changing soon?


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