888poker’s Shane Warne Takes $40,000 in the Victoria Championship High Stakes Hold’em Tournament

888pokerGIBRALTAR, August 31, 2010 /PRNewswire/ – It is the Victoria Champs tournament series at Crown Casino in Melbourne, Victoria and Shane Warne has hit big at his second Final Table of his poker career.

This past Friday Shane Warne entered the $10,200 High Stakes Hold’em Tournament at Victoria Championships. The field of players showed some of the best online and live tournament players in the game. Shane’s game was slow and steady and positioned him as early chip leader at the final table. His stack went up and down as the final table dwindled down to 4 players left standing. Things looked promising for the “King of Spin” after he found a Queen and took down Jonathan, “xMONSTERxDONGx”, Karamalikis pair of 3’s doubling Shane to 165K in chips. Unfortunately Warne’s luck did not last, a few hands later he was crippled when Karamalikis 8 clubs 8 spades beat his : 10red hearts 10 spades with an unlucky 8red diamonds hitting the river. With only 61,000 left in his chip stack he played out one last hand and was busted when Karamalikis found two pair.
Shane was awarded 3rd place and a $40,000 prize. This was an outstanding performance from the Team 888poker Captain and has brought him one step closer to taking down first place in a major tournament.
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