Bluejays playing spoiler

The Toronto Bluejays are making a real name for themselves as an up and coming team in the AL East.If you’re a team in the hunt for the postseason, the Toronto Bluejays have to be one of the last teams in AL you’d want to be playing. They lead the majors in bombs, and Jose Bautista leads may just be crowned the homerun king of the league when it’s all over. At times this season the Jays have looked as good or better than the top teams in the division. Last night, they completed a series win over the Yankees and tonight they’ll host the Tigers, who recently had their 5 game winning streak snapped. Some sportbooks have the the total at 7.5, which seems fairly low for the Jays, considering how many runs they put up at home. With Romero on the hill for the Jays, you expect a solid outing from him, Detroit will be sending Scherzer but Tiger’s starters have been very stingy on runs in the past six games. After what I saw the Jays do to the Yankees, I’m willing to taKe my chances on the over. Read more.