Rory McIlory poking a wounded Tiger

It’s like Jose Calderon calling out Kobe Bryant…A 21 year old relative nobody is calling out Tiger Woods, the consensus is, this is just what Tiger needed. First of all, regardless of how poorly Woods is playing, Rory McIlroy does not have that. He doesn’t have the clout the or star power to even carry Tiger’s clubs, as far as I’m concerned. The fact that McIlroy hasn’t set the golf world on fire didn’t stop him from making the comments that he hopes Woods is selected to the US Ryder Cup team, because he’d love to face him. Really Rory? Be careful what you wish for. Read more.

Could this be the spark and motivation Tiger needs to get back on track? Even Michael Jordan needed to cut out newspaper clippings of smack talk against him to get himself motivated. If Woods is selected as a captain’s pick for the Ryder Cup, the Woods/McIlroy props will be on fire!