Brandon Marshall has NBA backup plan

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Auto DraftIf push comes to shove and the NFL has a lockout, there’s one player who already has a backup plan. The Miami Dolphin’s newest addition, and star receiver Brandon Marshall says he’ll play in the NBA if the NFL has a lockout.

Your first reaction to hearing a comment like that is to laugh it off like “yeah fucking right”, until you realize that Marshall is dead serious. Marshall says his first choices would either be the Denver Nuggets or the the Miami Heat, please. Marshall is a big boy with lightning speed, great hands and a serious vertical but I’m pretty sure Pat Riley wouldn’t be begging him to take his talents to Southbeach. picturing Marshall in the NBA, he’d probably be something like a Lebron James without a jumpshot, that is, if Lebron actually had a consistent jumpshot.

Skeptics are quick to put down Marshall’s lofty ambitions, but are sportbooks? Isn’t this a great opportunity to offer NBA odds on Brandon Marshall? At least one sportsbook thinks so. Read more.

It’s not as common anymore to see that dual sport athlete. Gone are the days of guys like Bo Jackson and Deon Sanders. But let’s have some fun with this, what other athletes could potentially be two sport pros? Aside from Brandon Marshall, here’s some professional athletes that I think could play another sport professionally.

Joe Mauer
Mauer was a stand out in highschool in basketball and football. With his size and his cannon for an arm, Mauer could have been an NFL QB prospect. Batting titles and an AL MVP later, safe to say Mauer made the right choice.

Lebron James
Lebron James is 6’8 260ish, with hops and speed that are out of this world. I think James could play in the NFL, although he’d have to toughen up a bit, you can’t take days off in the NFL for bruises. James might even have been a better fit in the NFL as a loud mouth “it’s all about me receiver” who has never won anything before. There’s plenty of those to spare in the NFL right TO?

Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin would have made a perfect tight end in the NFL. He’s a muscular 6’10, with great hands and explosiveness. He’d be the Tony Gonzales type.

Shaquille O’Neal
Imagine Shaq on your offensive line. The running game would be bananas with the holes the Big Diesel could create. Of course, he’s a bit too tall for most QB’s!

Deron Williams
D-Will would probably have made a great centerfielder. He’s got speed, size and he can leap, I could see him gobbling up fly balls all day.

Randy Moss
Randy Moss was Mr. basketball in Virginia, his highschool basketball highlights with him and White Chocolate are ridiculous. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Tony Romo
Apparently Tony Romo’s golf game is no joke. Rumor has it that he might be nice enough to join the tour. As long as he doesn’t fumble his clubs when it matters.

jokes aside, obviously it would be damn near impossible for any of these athletes to switch up sports. But Marshall’s ego just might be big enough to not allow him think otherwise. Is it just me, or isn’t that the sign of a champion?


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