Sportingbet views liberalized French market as unprofitable

Sportingbet-French-Market-UnprofitableHave Sportingbet, like Napoleon before them, met their Waterloo? The company is rethinking their B2B arrangement with two French newspapers after crunching the numbers and discovering there’s literally no profit in it. Suppose they could always take the ‘let the customer eat cake’ route like PokerStars did, but that rarely goes over well.

Sportingbet are also saying that despite expectations that their IT department will be able to pass French regulator ARJEL’s sniff test by Q1 of next year, that’s no guarantee they’ll actually launch a French-only product. Displaying the keen business insight that all public company execs possess in abundance, finance director Jim Wilkinson reveals that Sportingbet “have to be able to make a profit.” You don’t say… Read more.