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PERU GAMING SHOW 2010,  is celebrating eight years at a steady step, and being committed to its country one more time: an established market in Latin America, a leader in regulation, technological upgrading and developing a gaming industry in the best environment for growth investments, will open doors on 11 and 12 August.

In an exclusive interview with the organizers, we received the following comments:

PGS in its eight years as usual, will bring new proposals, new attractions and increase the level of participation with strong alliances achieved through these months of hard work. After the global crisis of 2009 that hit us really hard at all levels, and despite the unexpected last minute, we went ahead and bet again with more strength than in previous editions, to surprise themselves and others, for eighth time.

Foreigners who bet to invest and come to this consolidated market, clear rules, safe social environment, minimum country risk, highest growth in years, and for more years, they deserve a high and an enthusiasm response from the market. Foreign exhibitors, more than local ones, can understand the cost of get in a new territory, region, and spent great efforts to make high level presentations. The visitors, operators, regulators, associations, year after year have benefited from being an active part of this international event are invited to be part of PGS 2010.

It should be noted that the authorities have also been benefited from having an official international event that will help during the legalization process. Peru Gaming Show was an important part of this process involving gaming authorities and associations to disseminate the importance of adapting to the new law, raise awareness and open dialogue tables increasing the Tax Collecting level and enter into a strong campaign of responsible gaming, compulsive gambling, etc. In numerical terms we have also made great progress in the Gaming Industry and obviously protected by a strong economy. Tax collecting per game in 2009 exceeded 193 million Soles, and it is expected to be 300 million soles in 2011. It has legalized 95% of the sector, about 680 gaming rooms around. They have destroyed more than 6,000 slot machines that did not fulfill the necessary standards to operate in the country. At macro level, the FMI evaluated the economic performance of countries in the region and gave its report at a global level; Peru will take a solid growth of 6.3% this year and 6% next. Brazil comes with 5.5% and then Chile with 4.7% despite the recent earthquake. The rest of the region has fallen behind with percentage unattractive for investment or unstable conditions that do not guarantee entry to it.

This 2010, for 8 consecutive years, the international market will visit the Peruvian market to meet in this new date, the celebration of our industry. We call on all industry professionals in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, and in Brazil, if you like, to visit and enjoy the day’s work and camaraderie.

“Remember 15 or 10 years ago, when in Peruvian gaming world was incipient? Remember the PGS first edition of PGS at the Marriott Hotel? Remember your excitement when we had the second and third? And when we all saw with pride that more and more foreigners came to our fair, our country, to enjoy and celebrate our cuisine, architecture, and archeology? Well the PGS 2010, eight years later, invites you to celebrate these achievements!

Join and show the world how important is PERU, how proud we are of our country, our people, our fair. Come to Peru Gaming Show, write, suggest, is its fair PGS, PGS is fair Peru. The world will notice the change! The crisis passed, let’s step into the future. Jockey Club Convention Center, local new 10,000 m2 which will open next May.

Remember, August 11 and 12, Peru Gaming Show will be the best host, accompanied by large companies that already show your interest and welcome by the good taste, hard work and do it with passion.


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