Why you need to attend the CoinGeek conference

Bitcoin SV continues to reshape the digital currency ecosystem, making it the perfect technology for businesses to leverage the Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision and get a competitive edge over their competition.

why-you-need-to-attend-the-coingeek-conference3A live streaming event from New York and London, the sixth CoinGeek conference promises to bring together some of the most innovative and respected minds in the blockchain community.

The CoinGeek conference is set for September 30 to October 2 and is purpose-built to provide maximum value for developers, investors and business leaders with the latest innovations from industry leaders.

The live streaming event will give investors and developers the opportunity to gain a developed understanding of the BSV ecosystem and the latest innovations in blockchain technology.

The BSV Hackathon is a must for developers looking to make an impression in blockchain technology. A $100,000 USD prize pool will be shared amongst Hackathon winners for ground-breaking ideas. Many past winners have gone on to develop leading BSV start-ups. You’ll see how developers are turning BSV technology into immediate income.

The CoinGeek conference allows investors to forge relationships with BSV companies and founders who are looking to spread their wings in the BSV ecosystem. A new generation of entrepreneurs have enthusiastically embraced blockchain technology and investors can leverage the existing service to help new business ideas reach their potential.

Investors will also want to attend CoinGeek to learn more about how BSV is enabling fast payments and the mass scaling capacity for payments.

The Bitcoin conference offers a unique chance to learn about these technologies and meet the engineers and entrepreneurs who are pioneering in this rapidly developing field.

With its potential for massive scaling, fast processing and ultra-low transaction fees, BSV is the obvious choice for AI projects that want to use blockchain technologies. The CoinGeek conference gives attendees the chance to increase their understanding of the technology behind emerging BSV start-ups. AI technology, IoT and data storage on the blockchain are just some innovations taking shape with the user of BSV blockchain technology.

There’ll be presentations from key speakers demonstrating the value and emphasis on data security and protecting privacy. The security features of BSV blockchain are a key feature of digital currency, with industry experts on hand to explain the long-term benefits.

The CoinGeek conference will feature a line-up of speakers that include nChain Chief Scientist Dr Craig S. Wright, President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen, and OKEx Director Lexi Lai.

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