Lance Armstrong’s Wheels Falling Off?

Is Lovable Lance Armstrong heading for a Tiger Woods-like fall from grace? Right now, Lance Armstrong is a used syringe away from becoming the Barry Bonds of the cycling world.

Lance Armstrong has been widely regarded as one of the greatest cyclists of all time. Armstrong holds the amazing feat of winning the Tour de France a record 7 consecutive times. But it’s what Lance Armstrong has accomplished outside of racing that has made him a legend and an inspiration to many. In 1996, Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he would eventually conquer the cancer and start the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research and support. Armstrong has won numerous awards, most noteworthy, he won Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year in 2002. He’s written an inspirational book and up until recently, Lance Armstrong was the epitome of an American hero.

Ironically, it’s also what Lance was allegedly doing behind the scenes that threatens to destroy the name he’s built for himself. It all started when teammate Floyd Landis flipped on Armstrong and publicly accused him of doping. Initially I saw it as sour grapes for the relatively unknown Landis, but now the authorities are getting involved. Read more.

Armstrong’s lawyers have dismissed all allegations as being false, and in truth, Armstrong has never actually tested positive for any kinds of doping. But, then again, did Barry Bonds ever really test positive for steroids? If authorities do discover evidence that Armstrong was involved in doping we could be watching a Tiger Woods like fall from grace. If there’s one thing people hate more than someone who is rich and successful, it’s someone who parades around as something they are not.

People hate being hoodwinked. To me, that’s one of the reasons why Tiger got it so bad in the media. Woods came across as the nice guy, the family man and a guy who wouldn’t possibly cheat on his beautiful Swedish wife. When people found out the truth, that being, Woods is indeed a male of the human species, the downfall was massive, costly and humiliating. If you’re a bad boy, admit you are and move on, kind of like how A-Rod did when he admitted he took performance enhancement drugs.

To me, A-Rod is basically like, “Yeah, I juice, I pound actresses and me and my wife were swingers, so what? I hit bombs bitches…and now I got a ring, go fuck yourself.” More power to him, A-Rod has 600 homeruns and he’s one of the greatest baseball players to ever live, and he diddled Madonna to top it off, hats off.

If Armstrong isn’t being honest, you can bet we’ll see a fall from grace similar to Tiger’s, but maybe worse. You see, Tiger never really denied all the allegations, he kind of just took it on the chin. Armstrong and his lawyers have adamantly denied these allegations of doping, if he’s lying and it comes to light, you can bet they’ll strip him of all his accolades and label him a cheater and a liar.

We already have people speaking out, an apparent Chael Sonnen “impersonator” said Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer, from doping. Impersonator my ass. Read more.

Sounds like typical Sonnen lunacy to me, and for the record, I hope Silva closes that mouth of his, preferably in the first round, so I win my bet. As for Armstrong, the damage may already be done regardless of whether he actually tested positive or whether they can prove he was doping or not. After all, look at what Congress did to Roger Clemens, or do we mis-remember?