Favre retires again, when’s the comeback?

The announcement of Brett Favre’s retirement from football should surprise no one and if and when he decides to come out of retirement a few weeks or months later, again, no one should be surprised.

Favre’s expected retirement from the Minnesota Vikings will mark the third time he’s retired from the NFL. If history has shown us anything, it’s that a Favre comeback is just as likely. He’s a true competitor and a guy that you can tell, truly loves his job, but at some point, his body has to decide his future. We may have finally reached that point with Brett Favre, if his ankle was what it should be, we probably aren’t talking about the Great Favre retiring…again.

If indeed Father Time is undefeated, it’s only because he’s never gone head to head against Brett Favre, perhaps until now. You can’t really say “it’s about time he retired” because in fairness, it really isn’t. Despite his age, Favre is still one of the best QB’s in the league. His numbers back it up, if anything, somehow, he might have improved, last year was one of his best seasons as a pro. It’s a mixed reaction every time you hear about Favre leaving the game, on one hand, he’s already had a great career and has nothing left to prove, on the other, he’ s till at the top of his game, its understandable how he himself flip flops on his next move.

The only problem with Favre’s indecision now is what the Vikings are going to do with Tavaris Jackson. Obviously, with Favre out of the picture, Jackson will be the man, but even Jackson must know, given Favre’s history, nothing is promised. He may wake up two weeks from now to a headline announcing Favre coming out of retirement. For a young QB it must be hell never knowing if you’re going to be the man. Worse yet, how does Jackson take charge of the locker-room? It’s still Favre’s team, until this season actually starts and Favre is somewhere with his gorgeous wife on a ranch in Mississippi, everyone on the Vikings, media, anyone who watches football should expect a comeback from the silver beard.

In the meantime, the Vikings have plenty of decisions to make, a Vikings team without Brett Favre is still a good team, but I’m not certain they’re a contender. As for how other players and teammates are reacting to Brett’s apparent retirement, the responses vary, some remain as skeptical as I am. Read more.