Can’t wait for the Ocho and Owens Show

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I don’t think NFL fans are fully appreciating what the Cincinnati Bengals have created. Let me repeat, Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson Ochocinco are going to be on the same team. Doe anyone understand how big of a circus this could potentially be? I don’t think we do. You see, iron sharpens iron and men sharpen men and well sideshows, they team up to form gongshows, so yeah, please believe I’m getting my popcorn ready to watch the Bengals all year long.

Both of these players are never at a loss for words. And both of these players have done something quite unique with their personas. With the amount of press attention, controversy and practical joking both Owens and Ocho have done, they become their own entities off the field. You can be sure that when Owens is done playing football he’ll have gigs on some sort of reality television show much like he has in the past. And Ocho, well, everybody loves Ocho, I’m a little surprised that he didn’t win Dancing with the Stars, actually I’m a little pissed, I had a c-note riding on him.

The point is, the world doesn’t love these guys because they are hard working athletes that just shut up and play football and win all the time, hell no, they’re loved because their personalities are larger than life. So, you put these two together and we’re likely to see NFL clowning on whole new level, at least I’m hoping so. Here’s a little reminder of just how far Owens and Ocho have taking clowning in the past, just in case you forgot.

Owens Celebrates In the Cowboys Star

The game became about T.O. and to be honest, it made it kind of awesome especially the second time he tried for the star.

What can you really say about Chad Ochocinco that he hasn’t already said about himself? The answer is nothing, here are some of Ocho’s finer moments.

Best of Ochocinco

I can’t wait for the Owens & Ocho show, with this possibly being T.O.’s last season, I don’t want to miss any of his antics now that he’s got Ocho by his side encouraging it. Carson Palmer might become the next posterboy for Tylenol Extra Strength Headache relief, I certainly don’t envy him in that huddle!

They’ve curbed end zone celebrations now, but back in the day of clown, TO and Ocho were the best in the business.



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