NFL Training Camp: Music To Sportsbook’s Ears

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The words Training Camp are two of my favorite words in the English language. As soon as I hear those words, I know our beloved NFL season is just around the corner. The Cowboys are already causing a media stir as Dez Bryant is doing his best LBJ impression, meanwhile T.O signed on with the Bengals to join the league’s other biggest mouthpiece with the most ridiculous, yet strangely coolest name, Ocho. And of course, Favre still hasn’t made up his mind. All is well in the NFL.

The excitement for the NFL season is felt all across the gambling industry. This is the time for sportsbooks to shine. This is the time for signing up as many new clients for the upcoming season and many sportsbooks pull out all the stops.

SBG Global is dishing out bonuses like they’re going out of style. But they also have an interesting and very appealing football season promotional offering. They offer a entry into a free $15,000 Football Handicapping contest, you just have to open an account first. Another clever promotional offering at SBC Global is their NO VIG November promo. This promo allows account holders to bet on special teasers with no juice, a very attractive option for football season.

BetUS is attracting clients with an additional $75 for a $200 deposit. It’s early yet, as the NFL has yet to play its first game, but attracting new clients and getting bettors depositing more and playing more heading into the NFL season certainly is a bonus in itself. is offering a 20% sign up bonus with a $300 deposit, which particularly at this point in the year is great value for when college football gets going as well as some NFL preseason action.

This season should be filled with tons of excitement, everyone, including oddsmakers are still waiting to hear if Brett Favre is going to play, even though we all have a hunch he’s going to try and play until he’s fifty! As far Super Bowl hopefuls go, can the Kardashian championship magic work for the Cowboys? The darlings of last year in the dirty dirty, the New Orleans Saints have to believe they have a shot at a repeat with Brees healthy, Peyton Mannings Colt’s are popular picks, but many oddsmakers have the Patriots standing alone at 8/1 odds. I know too many bettors myself that will only bet AGAINST the Patriots, there’s something about Tom Brady that screams bet on me. And this should be a true comeback season for Brady, who worked out the kinks last year after his knee had been surgically repaired.

Bettors will be flocking to sportsbooks to place wagers on this new and exciting Bengals team, with TO and Ocho for Carson Palmer to throw to. The Bengals made some noise last year, and it’s hard to see how the addition of T.O doesn’t make them and instant contender, that is, if he can keep his mouth shut. It shouldn’t be a problem, there’s not enough oxygen for Owens and Ocho to talk at the same time.

The season is just around the corner, what kinds of promotions and offerings will make your sportsbook the main event for the NFL season?


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