Things you have to appreciate about John Daly

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John Daly just might be the Babe Ruth of golf, of course sans the records and success…But he’s raw, he doesn’t particularly give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks of him and at the end of the day, nobody, and I mean nobody can drive the ball like big John.

With Daly in contention at the British Open, we finally get an opportunity to talk about the often troubled golfer. Better yet, we get an opportunity to appreciate John Daly for who and what he is.

John Daly is a regular dude with one hell of a golf swing. For Daly, his talents are a gift and a curse. On one hand, he’s been blessed with a talent that no other golfer possesses in his ability to smash golf balls. On the other more publicized hand, Daly really loves to drink, party and carry on. And to be fair, don’t we all? The rest of us just don’t have to wake up the next morning and make tee time on national television, Daly does. The man like to party, he likes to drink, smoke on the course and he likes to get a little trim from the occasional groupie on tour, sounds like a regular dude to me, Tiger would probably agree.

If anything, Daly should be among everyone’s favorite golfers. Instead people are quick to rush to judgment on the many blemishes Daly has on his record. And there are many. Read more. But isn’t the only reason we know Daly’s faults because he is so talented in the first place? The truth is, Daly is a guy who didn’t let fame change him and ironically it’s that character trait that has probably hurt him the most.

But instead of judging Daly, can’t we appreciate a man who lives how he wants to live? Isn’t there a place in our hearts for a man who does the types things that he likes to do, and doesn’t hide behind cliché interviews and public relations spin doctors? Daly’s life has been an open book. We’ve seen him at his lowest point, we’ve seen him at rock bottom, and every time it looks like we may have seen the last of Daly, he picks himself up off the floor of his motor home makes a comeback. If we can’t appreciate a man like that this day in age, then perhaps we’ve all lost our way, because isn’t that what it’s all about?

If people can find nothing to love or appreciate about John Daly, they should at least consider his wardrobe. You know a man beats to the sound of his own drum when he casually steps out in the British Open wearing Daly’s outfit. Read more.


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