MLB Home Run Race

The Mid Summer Classic generally marks the halfway point of the MLB season, it also marks the futures betting season in the MLB. Here were the odds at the beginning of the season to see how your wagers are looking. Read more.

With only half a season left to play, bettors can now make new tweeks to their future wagers on MLB players. This season has been the year of the pitchers, with several young pitchers dominating the leagues. But the bet that everyone wants to make is who will win the homerun crown. In previous years, the normal superstar names would be the obvious favorites, but now, particularly in the AL, it’s not so certain. Currently, a relatively unknown slugger, Jose Bautista from the Toronto Blue Jays is leading the pack with 24 long balls. Interestingly enough, Bautista wasn’t in the homerun derby, I guess that’s the MLB’s way of saying, no one knows who the hell you are. But if you’re betting on Bautista to win the homerun crown you should keep in mind that prior to this season the most homeruns Bautista has ever tallied in the show is 16, he’s listed at 7/2 by Bodog to take it.

Right behind Bautista is Miguel Cabrera with 22. Cabrera is having the best first half of his career and is flirting with a triple crown. If he gets hot in the second half he just might run away with it. Josh Hamilton also has 22 bombs and his bat was as hot as any heading into the break. Hamilton is a former number one overall pick in the MLB, now that he’s chased away his demons, it wouldn’t surprise me if he emerges as the best hitter in the game as a power lefty. If you really want to take a gamble, Mark Teixeira gives you the most bang for your buck. Big Tex is the defending champion, but he only has 17 taters thus far in the season. But Tex is known for heating up in the second half of the season and he may be a great darkhorse at great value of 22/1 by Bodog’s odds. Don’t slip on his teammate A-Rod who showed signs of getting his power stroke back before the break.

In the National League the homerun race is deadlocked at the top with Adam Dunn, Joey Votto and Corey Hart all tied for the lead with 22 homers. Albert Pujols is right behind the pack with 21 and he’s the favorite on the Bodog odds at to win it. Read more. Dunn is a true power hitter, but he strikes out way too much for me to put him at the top of my list. The sleeper pick has to be Joey Votto. Votto plays in a boom box park in Cincinnati, on the best offensive team in the NL and excluding Pujols, may be the best all around hitter of the pack. Bodog has him at 9/2. If you did bet on Dunn at the beginning of the season you’re loving what you’re seeing right now. And you should be, Dunn is in a contract year, so you knew he’d have his focus and his swagger, he hasn’t disappointed. For more Sports News keep checking back at!