JaMarcus Russell busted for Sippin on that Sizzurp

It hasn’t been a fun ride for JaMarcus Russel as of late. First he lost his job then he gets busted for a controlled substance, no not Heroin, though it would have made sense considering some of the passes I’ve seen him throw, but instead, Russell got pinched for cough syrup with codeine. JaMarcus…He’s been listening to too much 3-6 Mafia still Sippin on that Sizzurp? (once you get past the cussin, let that song ride out.) Russell should have been using that tussin…Nothing beats Robitussin. Love that tussin…You need a prescription for that hard shit son! I’d like to feel bad for the guy and part of me does, but it’s really hard to dish out the sympathy card for a guys who held out for a gazillion dollars without playing a game, only to come in and stink up the joint. As they say, that whole situation right there, is what’s wrong with sports. Now I need some cough syzurp, I’m feeling sick. Read more.