Cairns you believe it? Las Vegas-style strip plan is damp squib

Things are getting stranger and stranger in Australia. First they try to impose a China-style ban on all internet activity, then they refuse to lift their fascist restrictions on online gambling and then they attempt to ban sports clubs from sponsoring gambling companies. Now an MP has proposed they try to concentrate all of Queensland’s pokie machines into one area – Cairns – in a “Las Vegas-style strip”.

Having been to Cairns, the idea of turning it into a gambling strip is no bad one, considering that once you’ve seen the Great Barrier Reef there’s bugger all else to do, save for camp out in the rain forest and get very wet.

In fact, it’s the only place Down Under where you need a wetsuit when you’re not diving. But to just make it a gambling strip exclusively of pokie machines is just weird. That’s like going to the pub where they only serve VB, or playing a juke box that only plays Savage Garden. Oh, hold on… Read more.