Epsom derby will not be moved to satisfy bookmakers

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This trying to make horseracing popular again malarkey is a bit of a vicious circle. Racing For Change are doing their utmost to reach out to Joe Public with a series of initiatives to get the uninitiated to the courses, while the industry itself and even the bookmakers that are the lifeblood of the sport pull in the other direction. For example, William Hill head honcho Ralph Topping wants the Epsom Derby moved to a Wednesday after a 20% drop in betting turnover last Saturday, claiming that the event got lost among all the other sporting events occurring at the same time. But how will moving the most important flat race of the season to a Wednesday get the ounters through the turnstyles? Well played Rupert Trevelyan for sticking to your guns and giving the bookies the old two-fingered salute. Read more.


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