American casino bosses increasingly looking abroad for profits

With Atlantic City in the tank and Las Vegas still not back to its pre-recession levels, American casino companies are increasingly looking beyond the water’s edge to find those elusive profits. Case in point — Las Vegas Sands’ new casino in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands, has only been open a little over a month, but its chief operating officer says it’s already exceeding cash flow expectations.

Meanwhile, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. and Hard Rock International Inc. have been given the nod to be the first western operators to open resort-style casinos in Eastern Europe, 12 miles apart from each other on the road between Bratislava and Budapest. The plan does have its detractors, including one Bratislava resident who put her opposition thusly: “It will destroy my beautiful green view. And who needs more hookers around here?” Um, have you tried asking any of Bratislava’s male residents?