Kerton draws little sympathy after period drama

TAGs: Charlotte Kerton, female jockeys, Horse Racing

Charlotte-KertonGiven the huge strides Nina Carberry and Katie Walsh have made to further the cause for female jockeys, it’s a shame that one of them should undo much of that good work by claiming that the reason the horse she was riding underperformed was due to her period pains.

Obviously, as a man it’s difficult to pass judgment on the monthly cycles of the fairer sex, but racing is a blinkered and backward enough sport as it is without being given another excuse to return to the 19th century attitudes that have held it back for so long.

If Charlotte Kerton was being honest then I honestly do feel sorry for her, but if you want to take on the boys you’ve got to play by their rules and this is one instance where playing the damsel in distress card has done her more harm than good. That’s something for her to think about over the next 42 days anyway. Read more.


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