No Show Atlanta Hawks Killing Bettors

Psst, Hey ref, see that girl in row 3?
Psst, Hey ref, see that girl in row 3?

Watching Game 1 between the Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic I felt a number of different things, but mostly, I felt sick to my stomach. The Hawks at +8.5 seemed like a decent wager for two teams relatively close in the standings. Of course, the Hawks rarely show up on the road in the playoffs and a blow out was very possible. After the performance I saw from the Atlanta Hawks I feel the entire team should be suspended from NBA. Game one looked like playing in the NBA was a no-show job for the Atlanta Hawks players.

The Orlando Magic shitkicked the Atlanta Hawks in Game 1 to the tune of 114-71. Are you kidding me? How does any team lose by that much in a playoff game? I would bet a D-league team could put up a better fight than that. Orlando is a good, but it’s not like they’re not the 85’ Celtics. You take a look at the odds on the game, if I were to give you odds of Atlanta at +30 before game one, any fool in their right mind is taking that bet for all it’s worth. Shit, you’d be so confident you’re winning that bet, you might not even watch the game. You would then tune in to find out that you lost your bet, because the Atlanta Hawks just got shit-hauled by 40 plus points.

Their coach after the game was talking about “missed shots”, he didn’t even seem mad that his team just got taken out behind the Woodshed and bent over for the worst shalacking ever seen…with no lube. The Orlando Magic should have pasted a dollar bill to the backs of the Hawks once they were finished pillaging them. It was the worst performance I have ever seen.

I’m not an NBA athlete in case you were wondering. I have a nice hook shot, I’m dirty in the post and I can shoot the three ball from the corner but that’s about it. But I know enough about basketball to say the only way a playoff team in the second round of the playoffs gets beat by over forty points is they have to quit. No team is getting thumped like that while trying.

The worst part about it for me is that betting on this series just got weird. You can’t tell me that a beating like that won’t affect a team for the next game. I should hope it does. But with Atlanta, a team who has already shown it will quit in games, how will they respond? Will they bring the fire and passion in game 2 or will they concede defeat again on the road and willingly walk behind the Woodshed, lube in hand, and bend over for the Orlando Magic? I wouldn’t think so, but then again, I never thought I’d see a team lose by forty fucking points in the second round of the playoffs.