BUSINESS rocks Tartan world!

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BodogTartanI think everyone in the online gaming world knows that I am Scottish. My last name indicates that my father’s family comes from Ayrshire in southern Scotland.

I must come from good stock as Ayrshire is also where the family of the famous Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace was born. I am a massive William Wallace fan and Mel Gibson’s line in the movie Braveheart (“Every man dies, but not every man really lives“) is a good translation of the Thai Buddhist metaphor I have tattooed on my arm. Ayrshire is also where Hendricks Gin is distilled, I might add, as well as a few brands of excellent local Scotch whisky! Incidentally, I am also Scottish on my mother’s side, and that could account for my pasty white ass.

I am therefore very proud of all the different tartans associated with my family names, however, years ago I thought needed its own tartan, so I created one that is now owned by As is often the case, I was a trendsetter here, as I was the first person to create a tartan for a web site and register it with the Register of Tartans in Scotland. Thinking this one was good, but not good enough for formal situations, I have now created a new tartan that is registered to the Bodog brand. In order to be a tartan it must have more than one color, so I designed this one with a very faint dark red line, such that it will look like an all black kilt when viewed in low light. I am now in the process of designing non-traditional tops to go with this and eventually I will get my own Bodog Kilt line out for my personal use. I am getting two of these made up as we speak, so don’t be surprised to see me sporting one at an upcoming event. I actually wore the original design when I filmed my appearance on MTV Cribs. To see both tartans owned by click here then click through to an enlarged version of the black one to see the faint dark red line I designed into it as was required to make it a tartan that could be registered.


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