NBA Ballers And Shot Callers

Sign her up.
Sign her up...and down.

With the NFL players starting to clash heads with ownership the last thing the sportsbetting industry needed to hear was commissioner David Stern publicly stating that the NBA players are making too much money. Read more.

Thanks tips. Thank you commissioner Stern for figuring that one out, guess that’s why they pay him the big bucks, but, all jokes aside, he shouldn’t have said that. From a bargaining standpoint, okay, but from a realistic standpoint, he shouldn’t have made that sweeping generalization. Are NBA players over paid, most people would say yes, some purest would say the owners are the ones getting the real money, I guess I’m somewhere in between. I don’t think all NBA players are overpaid. I don’t care how many millions of dollars Lebron James or Kobe makes, they probably deserve it. Those overpaid NBA players drew a crowd of over $100,000 people to Dallas Stadium to watch a glorified pickup game, albeit it was the allstar game, but still, that’s bigtime for the NBA. Next, it’s never a surprise when you guys like Jay Z, Jack Nicholson Spike Lee, Matt Damon and any pretty much any star at the games, they’ve come to see the stars of stars perform, so I can’t say they should be making the big bucks. They should be making as much as any top tier Hollywood actor or performer.

It wasn’t too long ago that these players weren’t getting paid enough. But now, the problem to me is not with the superstars of the NBA, nor is it with lower tier players, the problem to me, lies in the agents and most importantly the stupid GMs. First, there’s agent’s out there that are so reckless that they’re wrecking the pecking order of players in the league. And to be real, good on them, because they’re exploiting bad GMs, which aren’t in short supply. Bad GM’s have ruined the pecking order in the league. You look at the salaries of guys like Kwame Brown and I’ll even throw in Andreas Beidrens, he’s not worth what he’s getting paid. Elton Brand is not even worth what he’s getting paid, the list is endless of NBA guys with fat contracts. Guys like Big Country and Juan Howard are still getting paid, it’s absurd. But who’s fault is that? You can’t blame the players, they don’t sign the checks, they just sign on the dotted line… It’s the owners or the owner’s administration that hires and fires the GMs, so it’s the owners that need to be making sure players salaries don’t get too far out of hand.

At some point when David Stern and the NBA take a look at the league and all of the out of control salaries of many of its players, they will have to point the finger at something or someone responsible, and they should be pointing it at themselves.