Who Wants To Be A Dumbass Millionaire?

dumbass1I think we have our first contestant for the Who wants To Be A Dumbass Millionaire gong show, Harry Kakavas, come on down. This guy is one piece of work. After suing his own countries Australian Crown Casino he then goes on to sue Atlantis casino for fronting him $1 million, saying they should have identified him as a problem gambler. Read more.

Oh he’s got a problem alright, and from the sounds of it, it’s not with his gambling, its with that wind tunnel he’s got going on between his ears. Seriously, what is this guy thinking? Number one, most casinos aren’t fronting a problem gambler a million dollars, why because, most casinos like getting paid. Problem gamblers aren’t very good at that part. The other point is this smartass clearly loves to gamble, so why shit on the industry? They should put this guy’s name on a list and ban him casinos for an indefinite period just for wasting everyone’s time. Either he’s crazy, or he’s the cheapest millionaire of all time.

I’m blasting this guy because here’s what I’m concerned about…My concern is that dumbass moves like this will be copycatted by other dumbasses. That some son of a bitch will walk into a casino, party and gamble till his hearts desire, and then turn around and sure the pants off the very establishment that provided him the entertainment on the grounds that they should have known he was a problem gambler. Now I know, that casinos do have a responsibility to look out for problem gamblers and treat them accordingly, but its cases like these that just bring common sense back to forefront. At some point, the onus has to shift to the individual, particularly to protect against fraudsters that delight in moonlighting as problem gamblers when they’re actually just deadbeats.

Thankfully the justice system stepped up and put this guy in his place. Hopefully the ruling will serve as a reminder to the fraudsters and the deadbeats out there that this sort of move won’t be tolerated in the courts. I would have liked to see a different outcome to this ordeal. I would have liked to see courts throw the book at him for slandering the names of the accused casinos. And then I would have liked to see him banned and blacklisted. And just for good measure, they should tattoo the word dumbass on his forehead, so that at least when he wakes up in the morning and looks himself in the mirror he sees what we all see.