Classy Negreanu bows to Ivey ‘the best’

Classy Negreanu bows to Ivey 'the best'

Classy Negreanu bows to Ivey 'the best'We’ve had Phil Helmuth storming off in the middle of poker matches, Jeff Garza using Bryn Kenney as a human spittoon and even Marcus Bebb-Jones on the brink of deportation to America after being charged with murder.

So it’s refreshing to see a bit of sanity and class restored to professional poker’s proceedings with Daniel Negreanu paying a glowing tribute to Phil Ivey, who has leapfrogged him to become the leader in the all-time money list.

“It’s my belief that Phil Ivey is the best poker player in the world, and that includes every format,” he said Negreanu. “I’ve played live with him, at cash, Hold’em, Stud, Omaha, whatever, and he is just the most consistently good player at everything.” Read more.