Miami Superbowl Dream Weekend

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miamibeachgirlsIt’s Friday, and you’re in Miami on Superbowl weekend, if you could do anything what would you do and where would you go to make this weekend the best weekend of your life? If you really are there, you shouldn’t be reading this you lucky dog!

So for those of us who will be watching the game on TV, let’s take a walk down dream lane…

Wake up, check out the beach for eye candy, before heading to the Indian Creek Country Club for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame Luncheon. After rubbing shoulders with bests of all time its questionable if anything can top that. But on Superbowl weekend, each event is better than the next leading up to the big game.

So next, head over to the NFL Player Of The Year Awards Dinner at Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa, which is sure to be a star studded affair. Have a couple drinks yak it up with the big wigs and from there it’s time to go out and party.

Depending on what you like, Miami has it all on Superbowl weekend.

Drake and Common are performing at Hotel 944, Nas and the Goodie Mob are hosting the For the Love of Hip Hop night at the Living Room Night Club, Nelly Furtado is at South Beach and they even got gospel music with stars and NFL cats at the James L Knight Center. Personally, you’d find me at the Steamy Centerfold Pregame Blitz Party at Pangea at Hard Rock, hanging with Miss Maxim USA, and all the playmates, dig it!

Kiss Miss Maxim USA goodbye after the Super Bowl Breakfast at the Westin Diplomat Resort… Then grab the clubs and head over to the Celebrity Golf Classic at Doral Golf Resort and Spa. After showing off the long game for the second time that day, it’s time to head over to the beach to join a massive no holds barred Celebrity Beach Bowl flag football game. I got Alba!

Shower up… It’s time to head over to the Maxim Party at Raleigh Hotel, you already know why. But we’re not staying there all night, been there done that…

Bounce out of there and either head on to the Penthouse Magazine Super Party at Passion or the Celebrity Pool Party at Shore Club or go to club 944 and see Wyclef in concert or catch Sean Paul in concert at Revolution Live. It’s a toss up, but the destination for the after party is certain…We’re going to the Playboy Party at Sagamore Hotel.


Already a crazy weekend, now the icing on the cake. Superbowl baby! Time to drink, gamble on the game and carry on, you know how we do it.


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