Forum Fun: Don’t screw with TwoPlusTwo, they will sue!

Gambling news, Don’t screw with TwoPlusTwoIn my other job as the Global Brand Ambassador for, I spend time in igaming forums as the infamous “BodogBecky”. When something really big and juicy happens, I want to let the readers in on the discussions so you read, post, and comment away. Now lets cause some trouble!

Today I was perusing TwoPlusTwo, the 4th largest forum in the entire world when it comes to page views as of December 15, ’09, and guess what…this forum and poker strategy publishing company is suing someone! Companies AND individuals, in fact! Two Plus Two Publishing LLC filed suit against against Anthony Scocozza on December 4th and sued and Russell Aaron “Dutch” Boyd on December 8th. TwoPlusTwo is suing over alleged trademark infringement, cybersquatting, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices and intentional interference with prospective economic advantage. Eek, I would not want to go up against Mason Malmuth in a court of law…good luck with that one, guys…he is one smart and powerful cookie!

I gave my friends at TwoPlusTwo a call to see if they had any comments on the Las Vegas Sun article covering the case, and per usual, the comment was, “No comment”. Guess that means a live interview is totally out of the question. Damn! Read the 2+2 boards for more.