Tiger Woods A Sex Addict?

Sex addiction, are there words on this page?
Are there words on this page?

I have been reading this on the net recently and it makes me laugh….guy has ten (or so) mistresses….hell, I never even heard of him having more than one at a time. Ten…..Sheeeit, that’s a good party for me some nights. If Tiger Woods is a sex addict, I OD’d years ago. I just have to laugh at what the western world has wound themselves up into these days. A hundred years ago none of this would even make the news…I mean have any of you guys watched Animal Planet recently….the silver back gorilla has at least that many hairy babes in his posse and nobody in Gorilla land, including the girls, even breaks a sweat over it. In fact….of the ten or so mistresses Tiger had (of which I am now including his wife – given her conduct in this whole affair)….none of them other than the wife seemed to care much about it either. The question I have to ask…..for all the posturing of our so-called sophisticated society….are we really any different than our Gorilla cousins? I would say based on my personal experience….nope.

On that note, I am heading out to once again prove my theory right…..a mans gotta eat….right Tiger!