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Per Sheldon Adelson's Crotchety Request, I Attack The Message, Not The Messenger
Jason Kirk
Sheldon Adelson recently wrote an editorial (Valid Reasons to Oppose Internet Gambling) that was published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Betfred Owner Fred Done Investing in Mobile and Truck Stop Growth
Lee Davy
Betfred owner Fred Done continues to invest in non-gambling entities with money ploughed into Road King and Degree 53 ventures.
US Gambling Wars: PartyPoker Take Advantage of Their Head Start
Lee Davy
US Gambling wars begin in New Jersey and it's PartyPoker, that have the head start in the market place.
Life Outside of Poker: Stuart Rutter The Listener
Lee Davy
Lee starts a new series where he talks to pro poker players about their lives off the felt. The first in this series is Stuart Rutter.
Todd Fuhrman on Mike Colbert's Sports Betting Charges
Becky talks to Todd Fuhrman about Mike Colbert's sports betting charges, and how to prevent this type of things to happen in the future.
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