Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit Party and Aftermath

Affiliate Tips Agents

Inevitably, being raised in America, Rebecca described this evening with an embarrassment of “Oh my Gaaad’s”, which makes her sound more like Janice from Friends every day. Still, she rates it as one of the biggest and best nights ever so it can’t have been too shit. The night began in a secluded backroom in the Café Opera, a nice private area tucked away from the carnage of the main nightclub. In a more controlled environment the drinks were free and there was a nice vibe about a place where you could actually see and hear yourselves speaking for once. Which was bad luck on the helpless individuals Rebecca managed to corner. When the free booze ran out, the Swedes from AffiliateTipsAgents booked a table in the main room of Café Opera. In the smoky atmosphere, it was a case of taking in the tunes and checking out all them sexy Swedes.

Several hours and even more shots later, the few good men – and woman – left standing soldiered on to The Village, Stockholm’s notorious late nightclub. As it turned out the front door wasn’t the only thing that stayed open until 6am, if you know what I mean. There was more tonsil hockey on show than a fifth-form disco… snogging on the dance floor, snogging on the benches, snogging by the cloakroom, snogging on the terrace… Becs claims she had never seen industry people in such a two and eight in her life and was so shocked she vowed never to return again – until next year.

Check out the Pictures, Video and DAF award from the Official SASS Party sponsored by Affiliate Tips.