Bodog Compound Party


Bodog Becky and decided to invite industry friends, Bodog affiliates, and industry forum owners to the Bodog Compound for an afternoon of cocktails, models, dancers, poolside fun and apps for absolutely zero reason at all. Guests began arriving at 4pm and the drinks immediately began flowing- the Bodog Compound is equipped with a fridge that is always full with the nations best beer in addition to a fully stocked bar, complete with a sexy bar tender, so getting completely shitfaced was pretty much unavoidable. Throughout the afternoon guests and models hung out at the pool, mingled, enjoyed two erotic dance shows, took far too many shots, and finally stumbled to Estribos, a local watering hole, around 8pm to meet even more industry friends.

Estribos was a nice casual bar which was pretty empty that night except for our rowdy, 30 person deep, igaming crowd. Upon arrival at Estribo’s, Becky was forced to try her first “cucaracha” shot, a mixture of every hard alcohol in existence, which is then lit on fire before you shoot it through a straw. This shot of course put Becky over the edge and she then suddenly found herself at Tengo India, one of San Jose’s “classier” strip joint establishments, with about 10 other people from the party.

Tengo India, also known to the locals as “TI”, was certainly “classier” than the infamous Del Rey, for example, but the real die hards of the pack decided to split from the strip joint and head back to the Compound for some late night hot tub and cave action. Over the years, the cave, aka the “gorata” has been the home to many late night activities involving multiple well endowed naked women, but I will leave the rest to your imagination, and for those of you who are bodily fluid phobes, I will leave you with this: don’t go in the gorata!

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