EGR Awards Afterparty Old Billingsgate

EGR awards afterparty Karim Wilkins DAF

Rebecca was pleasantly surprised by this event as we all know how dull awards ceremonies can get. Fortunately someone came up with a cunning plan to liven up proceedings: get hammered on the free shampoo at the reception beforehand. Dinner wasn’t half bad either, largely because there was enough vino on hand to drown a small army – and the taste of the food.

After dinner, it was 80s music all the way began and the party moved to the dance floor and the poker tables. For the more adventurous, some drinking games got under way at the vacant dinner tables after Karim, who was already drunk as a Lord (porno mustache), noticed their was still a boatload of unfinished wine left. After all, why queue up like a muggins and spend yer own dough when you can get shit-faced for free and play drinking games?

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