CAC Amsterdam Day 2 Party

CAC Amsterdam Day 2

CAC Amsterdam Day 2 at Pasta Basta, Euro Pub & Players Bar, Friday – April 15th.

The evening began at a quaint little Italian restaurant called “Basta Pasta”, known for it’s waiters who sing opera style throughout the meal, thanks to CWC Affiliates. After dinner, opera, wine, limoncello, Irish coffee, and dessert, the cultured group made our way to Euro Pub to meet the rest and enjoy a night of booze sponsored by Vanguard SEO and Euro Partners. Although it sounds repetitive, the Euro Pub never fails to surprise us…last year it was Ice Cube and E-40, this year it was English blokes dressed in bee costumes and super hero gear. The crazy men in costumes did a nice job mixing and mingling with the igaming crew and the Ayre Heads, and just about everyone snuck off at some point to suck down a joint at the local coffee shop in between Euro Pub beers. In our alternate states, I spilled red wine on Tom G’s pants, and the DAF award recipient took it upon himself to purchase a “flesh light” which very realistically represents the female genitalia and highly entertained the group for at least 30 minutes. Lucky for me, my personal photographer this night was Richard of Referback, so I was able to capture all the industry smiles, super hero costumes and “flesh light” moments for all to enjoy.

After Euro Pub, for a chance of scenery, we stumbled down to the Players Bar, a journey during which Martyn and Christine almost got run over by a taxi while they were wrestling in the middle of the street. Thankfully we all made it to Players Bar alive, and instead of hitting the dance floor like last night, the igaming crowd chose to take over the pool tables and play game after game against Hjalmar who proceeded in handing everyone’s asses to them. After one hell of a long evening, the Beaconator insisted on walking me home even though the was going straight back to the pub, and along the way, we bumped into Lloyd and Camilla who had apparently been dancing the night away some night club that they could not remember the name of.

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