Bitcoin SV Exchanges

  • An American based exchange that welcomes traders from all around the world, offering 26 currencies and 189 markets.
  • Most Countries Including USA
  • A digital currency only exchange with no fiat options, focused on providing a safe experience.
  • Most Countries Including USA

  • A high liquidity digital currency exchange allowing cross-platform trades and an easy user experience.
  • Most Countries Including USA

  • A digital currency only exchange, offering no fiat trading. The platform has a transparent interface with low trading fees.
  • Most Countries including USA

  • A digital currency exchange focused on providing a global, professional service, with customizable dashboards and an emphasis on trading for miners.
  • Most Countries Including USA

  • A digital currency exchange based in and focused on Poland.
  • Most Countries Including USA

  • A security focused exchange with elastic computing capabilities, allowing it to scale up to its customers needs. It has had some controversy over whether it allowed North Korean traders in the past.
  • Most Countries Including USA, but some trading limited for U.S. customers.

  • Focused on providing a platform where users can trade real assets on Bitcoin SV. Float SV’s mission is to provide reliable trading experience and access to deep asset liquidity.
  • Most Countries excluding USA and Hong Kong

Huobi Global
  • One of the top 10 digital currency exchanges in the world by volume and web traffic, Huobi offers 550 trading markets to a huge customer base and has been in operation since 2013.
  • Most Countries excluding USA.

  • Hong Kong based digital currency exchange offering trading on more than 350 markets, and operating since 2014. Offers a full range of products for digital currency users.
  • Most Countries excluding USA.

  • Denmark based exchange, offers over 800 digital currency trading markets, and offers custodial as well as API services for its partners.
  • Most Countries excluding USA.

  • Advertised as the most liquid digital currency exchange, Bitfinex offers a wide range of services to most of the world. It has been involved in lawsuits involving the use of Tether to manipulate the market.
  • Most Countries excluding USA.

  • A KYC and AML compliant exchange out of Estonia, focused on the European, Asiam, and the CIS country markets.
  • Most Countries excluding USA

  • One of the fastest growing digital currency exchanges in the world, with a focus on safe, effective trades.
  • Most Countries excluding USA

  • A high liquidity exchange offering credit card fiat onramps.
  • Most Countries excluding USA and Singapore

  • A Singapore based exchange with a focus on new user adoption.
  • Most Countries excluding USA and China

  • A Singaporean based exchange with a large number of assets to trade.
  • Available in more than 70 countries, excluding USA

    • One of the largest South Korean based exchanges and the world, offering Korean Won offramps.
    • Most Countries including USA

  • A fast growing and competitive South Korean exchange catering almost exclusively to South Koreans
  • Available in South Korea

  • Another major South Korean digital currency exchange. Has had issues with hackers stealing assets in the past.
  • Available in South Korea

  • A South Korean based exchange focused on reliable and easy trading for South Koreans
  • Available in South Korea