Seven Deadly Sins Party

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It’s Calvin Ayre’s 50th birthday on May 25th so you already know something big was going down. May 25th just so happens to be the day of the Seven Deadly Sins Party, get the hint?

Let me spell it out for you. The Seven Deadly Sins Party will absolutely be one of the craziest, most intense, out of your mind, SHAKERS the gaming industry has ever seen! Seriously, on May 25th we’re shutting Dublin down, with a kick ass party that you’ll be talking about well into next year, or at least until we throw our next one. will throw a party like you’ve never seen before. The only thing you have to do to attend is register for the iGaming Super Show in Dublin. This event is open to everyone registered for the iGaming Super Show.*

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, okay, we’ve thrown other parties that were off the hook; like the time when we shut down Prague during the Launch Party, that was some next level partying with statuesque European models, midgets and live pigs? Yeah, live pigs! The Aftermath was ridiculous, check the pictures. The Seven Deadly Sins Party will take it to a whole other level and put all past parties to shame.

You might want to start preparing your mind for this party now, otherwise you could experience pleasure overload and lose your freaking head. It’s fun to a whole new stratosphere, it’s indulgence at its peak, it will be a time to party your damn ass off and you don’t want to miss it.

Give in to your primal instincts at the Seven Deadly Sins party on May 25th, 2011. It will make the last party you just went to look like a sixth grade dance. Deadly Sins Party

Join at the Seven Deadly Sins Party for a night of absolute madness! Do whatever it takes, just make sure you get there!

Register now for the iGaming Super Show and attend the Seven Deadly Sins Party! A word of advice, just make sure you get there early, because space will fill up fast! There’s no guest-list, there’s no tickets, so make sure you get through the door.

*Due to space limitation admittance will be done on a first come basis