You want to know what I really think about stuff?

Businessman writes a pen on an empty paper

Well, I may as well go out guns blazing. Locked and loaded. You want to know what I really think about stuff? You probably guessed already, but here it is then, uninhibited this time. I can’t exactly say sit back and relax. Lean forward and focus. This ship is going down. When it finally sinks, my feeling is later this year, you better have a lifeboat.

Businessman writes a pen on an empty paper

I’ll start with a story. Once I had a job I didn’t like. I was an affiliate manager at some jewelry company. I’m not a marketer. I’m a thinker, trader, investor, writer. I was there for two years, marketing. After two years I decided I had to move on because I hated marketing. I wanted to go into finance. So I submitted a financial article somewhere and it was accepted. Then on my birthday in 2012, I decided with my wife I was going to quit and focus on finance. That morning, we went out for a birthday breakfast. We share the same birthday. It makes things easier, more convenient. I was going to show up late to work after breakfast and then announce I would be leaving.

After breakfast, before I got in the office, I get a call from my manager. He tells me the company decided to close up shop suddenly so there is no need for me to show up. Well, that’s convenient. I showed up anyway, said goodbye to my friends there, and I went off home, a burden lifted from my shoulders.

Two years later, I see a post from my friend Robbie Strazynksi of CardPlayerLifestyle, about this guy Bill Beatty looking for a new financial writer for some gambling website called I said I was interested, didn’t know much about gambling, but I know about finance. I could swing it. Bill gave me a shot, trusted me, and in March 2014, I wrote my first article. Macau stocks were at all time highs, and I wrote that they were about to implode. They did, for the next two years. But not for the reason I thought.

Then my life went into a sort of holding pattern for the next few years. I was getting tired of freelancing. It was too limiting, and I wanted to start my own thing. So in February of 2020, I started to set up the groundwork for going out on my own. It is now up and running at The End Game Investor (EGI). The theme is precious metals investing and trading in the context of the End Game, the end of the financial system as we have known it since 1971, taken from an Austrian Economics perspective.

Then, one month later, the end of the world as we know it actually happened. The Coronombie Apocalypse, everyone masked up and the Fed printed a skrillion dollars and I lost most of my other freelance arrangements as everyone went into hiding and confusion and pandemonium.

But the groundwork for my own thing had already been laid, as did the actual global backdrop for speeding up what I was already predicting was going to happen anyway. So I focused up and got it started. I still wrote for though, which actually hung on, to my pleasant surprise.

Meanwhile, EGI continued to grow and a year later, meaning now, it’s taking off. I’m thinking at this point I really have to put all my focus on EGI and probably let go of my column, but I liked it too much because Bill allows freedom of expression, not to be taken for granted, especially not in this censorific world.

So just around the time my subscription base is starting to take off and I’m wondering whether I should focus on my own stuff entirely and drop everything else, knowing the End is Near anyway, I get a call from Bill, saying that (will no longer publish gambling news).

Same thing that happened in 2012. I’m sad, but once again, I’m just beaten to the punch. My whole adult life has been that way and I can’t really explain how or why other than to say it I’m constantly being pushed in the direction I’m already going in.

So here’s what happens from here, in my view. In a few months, food price increases are going to start to become very glaringly obvious. Price inflation will not be able to be hidden anymore. You can tinker with the inflation statistics only so much, but once it gets to food prices, it’s game over. It’s already happening. Food bills are rising and are about to rise much faster.

That inflation is going to be priced into bond yields very quickly and the balance sheets of all the banks with worthless bonds squirting out of their eyeballs are all going to collapse. All at the same time. The whole process once it starts will take no more than weeks. The Fed will embark on one last round of printing to try to save the system one more time, but it will not work. Not this time. This time, the dollar, the reserve currency of the world, will be completely destroyed, and with it all other fiat currencies and the entire global financial system. Done, finished, the end. That means everything running on the assumption that dollars have any value, including the electricity grids that mine cryptocurrencies mind you, will freeze up.

The prices of gold and silver will become undefined in dollar terms, and the only way you will be able to buy anything at all will be through barter. It’s easiest to barter with gold and silver, which is why they have always been used as money throughout civilization. That’s how money developed, until FDR stole the gold supply in 1934, gave everyone paper in its place, and the United States embarked on the world’s most dangerous financial experiment in human history that is about to blow up 87 years later. Best have some monetary metals physically with you or you’re going to have some serious problems.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Big Short,” there’s a part where the misfits that figured out what was going just prior to the crash of 2008 were screaming about the end of the world. Yeah, well this time it’s for real. There will be no saving it this time.

Meanwhile, governments have all gone completely nuts. Countries have locked down entire populations without thinking of even the most obvious, simple basic consequences, like how is the next generation, now locked in their homes in the U.K. and other countries for instance, going to learn the skills necessary to take the reins of the global economy?

How are people going to fall in love and get married and have children if they have to wear masks all the time and never see a human face?

How are people going to excel at being human like this? To become truly great at something? Art, dancing, engineering, medicine, business, anything, while being locked up like rats?

How do you train new doctors like this?

How does anyone learn anything like this?

What is the point of life if you’re not allowed to live?

How is this insanity even happening?

The good news is that the only way lockdowns can continue is if they can be funded through more debt. And that is about to end. What happens then, is a different world. A new world.

Hopefully it will be a better one. It’s up to each and every one of us to make it better, once all this mess is cleared out for good, along with all the considerable collateral damage.

If you want to check out my financial guidance for what will probably historically be seen as the craziest period of human history ever, join me at The End Game Investor. You get a two week free trial. Hope to see you there.

And thanks to Calvin for being one of the moral billionaires who (believe it or not) isn’t maniacally obsessed with the idea of world domination. It’s refreshing. Good luck to him, and to all of you. See you at EGI!